Kol Esperanza

The operatic pop trio Kol Esperanza, newly formed in 2014 and directed by award-winning pianist, composer, arranger and producer, Tomer Adaddi - who has, in fact, worked and collaborated with Bocelli - will perform at the Belev Echad Annual Gala.

Born in Israel, the trio consists of musical talents Nimrod Grinboim, Nadav Inbar and Omer Shaish who have excelled in the world's finest musical academies and institutes, and have performed on some of the grandest stages throughout the world, including New York, China, the UK, Germany and Canada. They have also been featured in popular TV and stage productions, such as Dancing with the Stars, Sweeny Todd, Hooray for Hollywood and Spirit of Broadway.

While each of the tenors of Kol Esperanza (a fusion of Hebrew and Spanish which means "Voice of Hope") will have a chance to demonstrate his distinctive vocal skills during their respective solos, the group's combined sound has been described by audiences as "exhilarating" and "otherworldy."

The song-set planned for the Belev Echad Annual Gala will reflect that very diversity with selections of Israeli favorites, Jewish classics, Broadway showstoppers, opera crossovers and pop hits. The program's high point is expected to be the trio's musical celebration of Jerusalem in connection to the 50th Anniversary of the Israel's Six-Day War. "Besides their great voices and astounding performances, these guys have special personalities," says producer Tomer Adaddi, who will be accompanying the trio on the piano during their upcoming performance for Chabad. In addition to Andrea Bocelli, Adaddi has worked with international stars such as Mercedes Sossa, Elliott Yamin, Dave Koz, Michael Buble and others.