High Holidays at Chabad Israel Center


Each year our High Holiday programs attract thousands of people. From our inspirational and meaningful Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services to the joyful celebrations of Sukkot and Simchat Torah, each person leaves with spiritual nourishment to start the new year off on the right foot.

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Our world class cantor inspires each and every soul with his stirring renditions of the classic High Holiday prayers. Cantor Moishy Lew has been leading services across the globe for the past 17 years. His melodies and tunes help one connect to the awesome power of the words of the tefilot.

Sponsor the Cantor for $7,500


The High Holidays are a time to feed the soul, but here at Chabad Israel Center we provide physical nourishment as well. After davening on both days of Rosh Hashanah there are delicious kiddushim as well as a wonderful spread to break the fast after Yom Kippur.

Sponsor Rosh Hashana Kiddushim: $2,500
Sponsor First Day Kiddush:  $1,500
Sponsor Second Day Kiddush:  $1,000
Yom Kippur Break the fast: $2,500

Full sponsor of all Kiddushim and break fast: $7,000


We begin the New Year with days of prayer and fasting. Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur help start us off on the right foot. But what does it really all mean? Rabbi Vigler’s inspiring words at each service provide meaning and purpose for thousands of people.

Sponsor the Rabbi’s Sermons: $3,600


The Torah is the anchor of the Jewish people. For thousands of years it has been our guide and compass. On Simchat Torah we celebrate this gift. We dance through the night, holding the Torah as we pass it from one to another, honoring each person’s relationship with the Torah. We sing, we dance, we rejoice, we eat, we drink, we are inspired and we are unified as a community.

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Sukkot is a time to celebrate G‑d’s protection of us. At Chabad Israel Center our Sukka attracts thousands of people in the park, enabling people to come inside to make a Bracha, shake the lulav and etrog, and to experience the beauty that is Sukkot. In addition we bring Sukkot to the streets with our sukkah mobile on the roads and our unique pedi sukka on wheels. We have rabbinical interns on hand, helping people shake the lulav and etrog and explaining the beauty of Sukkot.

Sponsor Sukkot: $10,000
Sponsor the Ruppert Park Sukkah: $2,500
Sponsor the rabbinical interns coming to shake lulav and etrog: $2,500


Holidays are a beautiful time of connectivity, inspiration and family time. Unfortunately for many, the holidays come with additional financial stress. Many cannot afford even the simplest foods for the holidays. Take that financial burden away, and allow someone to focus on the spiritual meaning of this time. There is no better way to start off your new year than by helping someone else.

Sponsor 20 needy families for the holiday $20,000
Sponsor 10 families $10,000
Sponsor 5 families $5,000
Sponsor 1 family $1,000

Increase your generosity of Tzedakah (charity) during the High Holiday season. "Repentance, Prayer and Charity take away the severity of the decree"


Full High Holiday Sponsorship - $25,000

High Holiday Spirit Sponsorship
Sponsor Rosh Hashana Kiddushim - $2,500
Sponsor First Day Kiddush - $1,500
Sponsor Second Day Kiddush - $1,000
Sponsor Yom Kippur Break Fast - $2,500
Full Sponsor of Kiddushim and Break Fast - $7,000

High Holiday Soul Sponsorship
Sponsor the Rabbis Sermons - $3,600

Simchat Torah Celebration Sponsorship 
Sponsor Simchat Torah - $18,000

Sukkot Sponsorship
Sponsor Sukkot - $10,000
Sponsor the Ruppert Park Sukkah - $2,500
Sponsor the Rabbinical Interns - $2,500

Help a Family in Crisis
Sponsor 20 Needy Families - $20,000
Sponsor 10 Families - $10,000
Sponsor 5 Families - $5,000
Sponsor 1 Family - $1,000

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