I Received $36000

Thursday, 25 January, 2024 - 9:20 am

This week, my son’s school, Yeshivat Mayan Torah, ran a fundraising campaign. It’s not an easy time to be raising money. Times are tough; everyone’s feeling the squeeze. But somehow, despite the struggle, they managed to raise $206,000. Even more impressive, all that came from only 700 donors. 

As a parent, I wanted to contribute. We all have an obligation to give charity—even rabbis. The campaign was coming to an end and I didn’t have the means to do anything substantial, but I wanted to give a meaningful amount. I dug deep, well beyond my capacity, and gave $3600. 

Now, that is quite a large donation, and as good as I felt for having given it, I also felt bad for no longer having that money! 

But I reassured myself with the Torah teaching that when we give charity, Hashem pays us back tenfold. When you do a mitzvah, there is no way you will lose out, we are promised. Yes, it may be tough in the moment, but Hashem never remains in debt. I truly believe that. 

Not only do I believe it, I encourage people to donate and support all the wonderful work we do at Chabad Israel Center with that assurance. So, I guess I have now practiced what I’ve been preaching. 

I gave the donation at 7.00pm. Ten hours later, I logged into my bank account and, lo and behold, there was a deposit of—you guessed it—$36,000! I was astounded. Not because I didn’t think Hashem would pay me back (I knew He would) but by the alacrity of the payment. 

Usually Hashem has His own timetable about when and how to repay us. But here I saw it in real time, less than a day after giving well beyond my comfort zone. Incredible!

So, who sent the $36,000? I’m still not sure. I had to email my bank asking them for more details and I’m waiting to hear back. It might be a government grant for one of our programs, but I actually have no idea. 

What is clear, however, is that Hashem is the boss of the world. He is in full control. Sometimes we don't or can’t appreciate that, but he is in charge of every aspect of our lives. And He loves us. Oh boy, does He love us. And even though we don’t usually see repayment with the kind of immediacy that I just experienced, He never remains in our debt. 

So go ahead, do a mitzvah, and watch the miracles unfold before your eyes!

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