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Samsung Galaxy S III Freezes… in Front of 250 People!

Thursday, 6 December, 2012 - 10:14 am

issy.jpgMonths of preparation culminated in Chabad Israel Center’s six year anniversary gala dinner this week. Each detail was planned meticulously from the food to the décor to the speakers, and it all paid off. The event was a huge success. We had a fabulous turnout – 250 people, plenty of wine and delicious food. We auctioned off exciting prizes and lots of people went home having won something. One friend even told me he was hit by a taxi on his way to the dinner but he didn’t let it stop him from attending!

When everybody was seated, I called on a friend to come up to the podium and read a prayer for our brothers and sisters in Israel. I took out my Samsung Galaxy S III which I had planned to give him to read the tehillim from. I use it for my own tehillim most days, and it always works just fine. But of course, with everybody waiting, my phone (which is normally pretty reliable) decided this would be the perfect time to freeze. I needed chapter 121 and as I scrolled down, the phone got stuck on 119. I tried again, all the while feeling everyone in the audience waiting expectantly, and it froze again. I was starting to feel very uncomfortable. All eyes were on me, everyone was waiting for us to continue the program, we’re all relying on this fancy smartphone and nothing’s doing! I tried a third time, still unsuccessfully, and that’s when I realized: It’s at times like these that we need divine inspiration.

G-d was sending me a little message – you can plan, and plan, and plan, but don’t forget about Me. G-d is ultimately the One who runs everything, and we need to pray to Him for success, regardless of how well prepared we think we are. If we don’t have G-d on our side, it simply won’t work. blogi.jpg

Joseph’s brothers sell him into slavery in this week’s Torah portion. He is taken to Egypt and sold to Potifar, one of Pharaoh’s government ministers. I read the story to my children this week and Rosie started crying and crying, which made me reconsider the story. She’s right – it is intensely sad. Joseph is orphaned at 9 when his beloved mother dies. At 17 he’s sold into slavery and at 18 he’s wrongfully accused of having an improper relationship with his owner’s wife and  thrown into prison for 12 years. 

How did he do it? How was he able to endure the pain and hardship?

Joseph never lost sight of the bigger picture. He knew that G-d was intimately involved in all the minute details of his life. Any time he was feeling down, he reminded himself that literally everything that happens is part of G-d’s plan. He felt G-d with him, even in the darkest and most trying times.

This is how we need to live our lives as well – with a constant awareness of G-d’s presence. Joseph’s imprisonment? Part of G-d’s plan. My smartphone getting stuck with 250 people watching and waiting? Much less serious but also part of G-d’s plan. The success of the rest of the evening? Equally His plan. It’s all Him. Sure, we need to do our part, but ultimately it’s up to G-d. We need to remember that, acknowledge it, and thank Him. 

Comments on: Samsung Galaxy S III Freezes… in Front of 250 People!

Sthiven wrote...

Nobody can lie, the cameras are not the best on iPad but there pefrcet for skype and taking quick shots for apps like gingerbooth. And flash is pointless too it causes lag, shows more adds and almost every flash game requires a keyboard or it couldnt work on a touch screen. And iSwifter is a cloud based app it lets you play flash content