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Yes, the Election IS Rigged!

Thursday, 3 November, 2016 - 3:49 pm

Blog.jpgI’ve been hearing the same sentiment, over and over again, from my family, friends and congregants lately. "Rabbi,” they say, “if ____ wins the election, I think we are all doomed!"

In just a few days Americans will elect a new president. The 2016 election cycle has been an incredibly tumultuous election cycle. There is no middle ground in this election; no one who is happy with either candidate. People have incredibly strong opinions and everyone is certain that if the other candidate wins,life as we know it will end. 

Just come to our synagogue on Shabbat morning and listen to the various conversations taking place throughout the room. In fact, I am hesitant to even mention the candidates by name in the shul. I have congregants who are firmly in Camp Clinton and others who are staunchly Camp Trump, and some people are even considering moving out of the US if their candidate is not elected.

For months, my Facebook feed has been filled almost solely with everything election-related, and the links, articles, videos, heated posts and vitriol are only hitting my wall faster and with more force as we get closer to Election Day.

Claims have been made that the election is rigged. And indeed, yes, it has.

We might think that come Tuesday morning, when we head out to the ballot, we are choosing the next president. But we aren’t.

The next president has already been chosen.

You see G-d, the supreme and Almighty leader is the one who decides who will be president. He is the one who rules the world, and He is the one has chosen the president. 

King Solomon says in the book of Mishlei, "A king’s heart is in G-ds hand; wherever He wishes he turns it" 

As we go through life, we can forget that G-d is orchestrating everything behind the scenes. If He wants Clinton, she will be president. If He wants Trump, then Trump will be the president. It’s that simple.

We may think that the polls are driven up and down by things the candidates say and do, but that is all a façade. G-d is directing this election, and the outcome will be the one He has chosen. No amount of voter fraud, rigged ballots or miscounts can change that. 

Of course we must vote and do everything in our power to make sure that the person we think is best suited to rule the country will become leader, but ultimately everything comes from G-d. 

And so when you go Tuesday to the ballot and make your choice, please choose the candidate you think will best carry G-d’s message to the entire world. 

May the person who ultimately becomes president be a worthy messenger of G-d!

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