Belev Echad Annual Retreat -
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May 24 – May 26, 2018
Belev Echad Annual Retreat
Yearim Hotel · Jerusalem, Israel
Yearim Hotel

You have seen our Belev Echad soldiers in New York...

Now spend the weekend with them in a stunning hotel overlooking the Jerusalem hills.

Spend three days with these remarkable heroes, where enjoyment and purpose blend in harmony.

What to Expect

Master Mentalist Show

Nimrod Harel is a Master Mentalist of the highest caliber. As the creator and host of five worldwide Mentalism TV shows, he is renowned as an international master and one of the leading exponents in this unique field.

Immersive Musical Experience

Greet shabbat over the Jerusalem hills with musical accompaniment. Continue on to a symphonic Shabbat dinner and lunch, and complete the experience with a grand finale Havdallah ceremony.

Army Base Tour

VIP tours of army bases around Jerusalem that are usually closed to the public, together with wounded soldiers of the IDF.

Exceptional Learning Experience

Throughout Shabbat, optional lectures about relationships, marriage, and chassidic thought will be offered for your enjoyment. Argue your perspective and gain a new one.

So Join Us!

Experience Israel like never before. Reserve your spot today.