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Gabriel Plotkin and Yaara Bank-Plotkin

Gabe Plotkin was born and raised in Portland Maine and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Northwestern University. Yaara Bank-Plotkin was born and raised in Queens, New York, and received her Bachelor’s degree in journalism from New York University. They were married in 2006, and are proud parents of their son, Eytan Shmerel.

While Gabe spends his days as a portfolio manager at Sigma Capital, as a family they enjoy petting zoos and sports, Eytan’s favorite activities. Gabe and Yaara share a passion for the land of Israel, which is what connected them to the Chabad Israel Center and Rabbi Uriel and Shevy Vigler.

They immediately felt a sense of community and discovered that in working with Chabad they are able to help and support Israel and the Jewish community. Belev Echad holds a special place in their hearts, through which they better the lives of Israeli wounded soldiers and terror victims.

The Plotkins have committed themselves to Belev Echad each year, and are proud to continue their partnership with the Chabad Israel Center.



Louis Taic

Though born in Queens, Louis Taic spent his formative years in Frankfurt, Ramat Gan and Paris. Already as a young adult Louis showed his passion for communal leadership community service by leading Jewish community youth groups and directing summer and winter camps for Jewish welfare organizations in Germany.

After graduating NYU, he worked in shallow oil production in Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas. In 1984, he returned to New York where he married Chantal Taic. They are the proud parents of Jason (27) Alexander(25) and Stefania (20).

Taic’s career in residential and small commercial real estate began in New York and spread to Miami in the late ‘80s. In 2006 he opened the famed Marriott Hotel on 92nd St. Since day one it became the home of the Chabad Israel Center and that is how he came to meet Rabbi Uriel Vigler.

Over the last few years, Louis has been a close friend of the Chabad Israel Center, always ready to lend a helping hand, and ensure they are able to serve the community. He is widely admired for his commitment and dedication to the community and his love for the Land of Israel.


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